Finance Product Testing

Finance application testing of product software is essential to establish its competencies and reliability. Growing customer expectations, convergence of banking with a range of financial services, and the need for rapid consolidation have increased the importance of sophisticated IT solutions and demand for their continuous availability and effective real-time functioning.

SaaS Product Testing

Effective SaaS product testing is essential to build reliable platform using unfailing solutions. Software as a service applications have transformed the IT industry. SaaS programs, including cloud technology, are widely used as a delivery model for a number of business applications. Testing SaaS delivered models requires an approach completely different from traditional testing solutions that take into account a large-scale convergence of delivery models and end-use convenience of customers.

Mobile Application Testing

The need for comprehensive and efficient mobile application testing has grown considerably in the past few years. Market unveiling of cell phones devices of advanced versions with different operating systems and complex functional platforms has resulted in growing demand for wide-ranging and foolproof mobile application testing tools.

Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium automation testing framework has gained wide acceptance as a popular and successful mode of website automated testing in a very short span of time. Selenium tools for testing are now preferred choice for testing graphical user interface and functionality of web-based applications developed for all types of industries ranging from travel to biotech, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Selenium automation testing offers a cost-effective open source testing framework for performance and other parameters to attest reliability, quality, integration, and compatibility of web applications.

Open Source Performance Testing

Open source performance testing has been much in demand because of its low cost. Open source automation tools for testing are used for load tests, standardization, and development acceleration. Easy availability of automated testing open source tools have almost upstaged their commercial counterparts, and open source testing software that come with competitive features and without licensing costs provide a proficient way to test performance of applications in a real environment.

Accessibility Testing

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