What is Test Automation?

The most critical approach to reduce time and boost the quality of testing is the software test automation process.

There is not much difference in the concept of test automation when asked from a layman and a testing expert. Generally, website test automation requires you to use software and tools, which is an ideal alternative to time intensive manual testing. It makes use of competent tools for software products with extended life and maintenance requirements. In order to successfully plan and execute test automation, you need to have an effective framework, tested methodology, and suitable tools.

Automation Testing Methodology

360logica automation testing expertise assures clients of best practices, low cost, generic and optimum use of resources. Our proficiency in the latest technology and use of the finest tools guarantee robust, link consistent, evergreen, and tester friendly functional testing automation frameworks. With focus on greater customer convenience and providing them with real benefits, experts at our automation testing lab make sure that performance test automation framework perfectly suits your requirements, improve software quality, and add strategic significance to product life cycle.


 Automated Testing Solutions 

We help our customers with high quality QA Testing and specifically designed Automated Testing Solutions

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