Banking & Insurance Testing Service

360logica offers QA consulting and software testing services tailored to help the BFSI industry overcome challenges and constraints they face in adopting the latest technologies and dealing with legacy applications. With experts specialized in wealth management application testing design, development, and implementation, our BFSI testing team assists clients in streamlining their internal processes leading to enhanced productivity and improved customer services. Our proficiency in tools, expertise in latest technologies, awareness of BFSI dynamics, and rich repository of re-usable test cases assure clients of low-cost banking application testing services, robust QA consulting, effective resource optimization, and on-time delivery.

Comprehensive BFSI Testing Services

360logica fully understand the competitive business landscape and market prospects demanding the BFSI sector to adopt and harness the latest technology. We provide a full spectrum of finance application testing services for banks and financial institutions to leverage up-and-coming market opportunities. Our cost-effective and value-added wealth management application testing services have helped many in the BFSI industry to effect business expansion and improved service delivery. 360logica offers custom-made and comprehensive finance application testing services, QA consulting, and support and maintenance for all types of customer-focused BFSI business applications.

Our high range of domain-based BFSI testing services includes the following offerings.

Banking application testing services for

  • Retail banking software

  • Mobile banking software

  • Corporate banking software

  • Money transfer applications

  • Credit card and loan processing applications

  • Private banking software

  • Net banking application

  • Customer service and accounting software

Finance application testing services for

  • Treasury software

  • Capital market software

  • Trading software

  • Financial accounting software

  • Credit domain software

  • Payment engine software

  • Customer management applications

  • Microfinance applications

  • Payment gateway software

Wealth management applications testing services for

  • Finance applications

  • Insurance applications

  • Claim processing software

  • Investor management application

  • Institutional equities management application

  • Investment management application

BFSI Testing

BFSI Test Management Strategy: Key Steps

  • Knowledge transfer enabling preparation for BFSI testing services

  • Formulation of strategy for financial application testing based on specific client requirements

  • Test analysis and review keeping in view the industry and market requirements

  • Design and development of test plan and test packs

  • Test Execution and application validation

  • Simulation testing

  • Test documentation

  • Comparison of actual results with expected result

  • Validation

Why 360logica BFSI Testing Services?

  • Ready-to-use test packs assure on-time delivery

  • Repository of reusable components reduce finance application testing cost

  • Open source testing tools help optimize resources and cut down costs

  • Traceability of functions and requirements guarantee robust testing services

  • Skilled and proficient testing team ensures high quality

  • Understanding of BFSI industry requirements and market dynamics assure ability to identify and correct pain areas

  • Awareness of legacy testing, unique product complexity, and multiple integration needs in financial application testing

  • QA consulting and priority domain study by expert business analysts

Key Differentiators

  • More than 70 percent cost saving

  • Resource optimization cutting down burden on clients’ employees and cost of business operation

  • Independent testing services to check reliability and competence of applications

  • In-house banking application testing process based on transparent and proactive communication approach

  • Fast turnaround, on-time delivery, and work hours as per client time zone

  • Dedicated team for finance application testing

360logica financial application testing team has demonstrated proficiency in transforming its rich domain and technical expertise into viable solutions for BFSI clients. Our experts with committed resources and full awareness of key BFSI industry benchmarks for scalability, consistency, security, performance, and interoperability are well versed in offering wealth management application testing, QA consulting, and a variety of software product testing services specific to client business needs. We have worked with banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and other reputed players in the BFSI industry and provided them with viable domain-based, customized testing solutions.