10 Reasons to be excited About Data Analytics in 2018

With the advancement in technology and accelerated innovation, there are various opportunities for data analytics professional. The growth of data in an environment of Internet connectivity is taking us towards digital business transformation.

As we are already in 2018, we can expect a boom in digital business evolution with business analytics.

  1. Cognitive Computing – It was in 2016 when cognitive and natural language technology started being adopted. We can expect a more strategic analytics technology in 2018.


  1. Embedded Analytics – There has been a continuous need for bringing analytics close to the users. We can expect a more predictive and prescriptive analytics in the line-of-business apps.


  1. Cloud Analytics – With the infrastructure getting better, we can see cloud and hybrid analytics play a major role in accelerating time to market, and promoting innovation at a faster pace.


  1. Smart IoT (Internet of Things) – The external world, including offices and homes, will see cognitive-enabled systems through pervasive digital devices.


  1. Streaming Analytics – In order to understand what’s happening in the real world, data ingestion technologies and streaming analytics are very important along with the IoT.


  1. Real-Time Analytics – Today, there are various areas of business that require real-time insights from the mobile devices when and where required.


  1. Big Data Analytics – Big data analytics is evolving towards mainstream technology as there are oceans of data in a different format that need to be monitored.


  1. Data Monetization – There is a lot of value of internal data. The ability to derive value from data and maximizing the economic benefit will be the key to the digital business ecosystem.


  1. Data Security and Privacy – Data also needs to be handled from legal and ethical perspective. Outdated technology often breaches data that are very critical to business.


  1. Immersive Analytics – Augmented reality capabilities are expected to be endorsed by many industries, including analytics, architecture, healthcare, industrial design, and retail.

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