5 Must-to-Do Things While Performing Video Game Testing

5 Must-to-Do Things While Performing Video Games TestingWith the evolution of Smartphone, the gaming industry has got a new dimension. Today, mobile devices are preferably being used for gaming purpose, which constitutes a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, the gaming industry also includes the games being played on standalone PCs and online.

The success of the industry lies in the games compatibility across different devices and platforms, which requires high-level of game testing before the release. Irrespective of the platform a game is meant for, the quality of the game holds utmost importance and that can be only achieved through testing. With the advancement in technology, users expect realistic games, which make the situation quite challenging for the game developers as well. So, a high-quality realistic game play that works on multiple platforms without breaching any security or privacy of the player is what a user expects today.

Unfortunately, there are various games that give bad experience like lag, glitches, crashes, etc. to the users. This often makes them end the session midway or play a different game. This is because of the bugs that often go unnoticed while testing such video games. However, you can ensure a bug free game by performing the following points while testing.

Testing Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer online games often involve people from different geographies. Such games are difficult to test and debug as it becomes a challenging task to emulate the players. However, you can overcome the challenge of game testing using frameworks that have been previously used to perform unit tests on Android and iOS based devices. If possible, involve your buddy to set up realistic platform and networks.

Testing Authentication

Authentication module allows user to continue the previously saved game. However, it can also result in disappointment if there is some bug in the authentication module. By testing authentication module properly and ensuring that its error free, you can gain the confidence of the user.

Testing Across Multiple Engines

Selecting the right game engine is a crucial step in deciding the performance of a game. With so many existing platforms, it is difficult to select the right game engine. But, being a tester, you need to master yourself in most of the available game engines and platforms. 

Testing Their Integration with Social Media

Today, there are many social media that supports playing games online. With the increasing popularity of social media and the games that are being played on them, the integration of games in going to be crucial. Social media plays a vital role in bringing like-minded people on a common platform, as in the case of online games. This also gives an equal opportunity to companies to promote their games. Being a tester, you need to be alert with the events on the social media and ensure proper social integration.

Testing Heavy Load

Game testing requires you to perform conventional load testing process before launching the product. You need to ensure that your game must withstand the concurrent load before delivery. This ensures consistent performance of the game across different platform and devices.

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