5 Software Testing Tools for Cloud

Testing in the cloud proves to be scalable, cost-effective, and easily available. It supports web and mobile testing on a number of devices and platforms without having the need to build own infrastructure. There are a number of tools that can be used to perform cloud-based testing. Some of the most popular tools are discussed below.

SOASTA CloudTest

You can perform a number of test automation including Mobile Functional & Performance testing and Web-based Functional & Performance testing on a single platform. With seamless integration and real-time analytics, it can simulate millions of users visiting the website concurrently.


It is a cost-effective load testing tool for mobile and web application. This highly scalable tool is adept at checking performance under heavy load and can simulate various virtual users to determine the breaking point of a website or an app.


BlazeMeter can be used to perform end to end testing of mobile apps, websites, and API. It can easily integrate with JMeter and can support the simulation of up to 1 million users. It allows realistic load tests with real-time reporting.


It can be used to detect threats like viruses, malware and vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and missing patches. It proves to be very helpful in healthcare and banking sector where you can perform compliance auditing.

App Thwack

It is a cloud-based simulator which works on the actual devices for testing Android, iOS, and web apps. It is easily compatible with platforms like Robotium, Calabash, UI Automation, and others.

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