5 Ways to Find and Fix Open Source Vulnerabilities

Open source software carries many benefits for the developers and the enterprise. However, they are exposed to various vulnerabilities which pose significant risks. There are a number of developers who rely on open source software; in fact, even the agile development processes use the open source software components.

The main issue lies in the fact that most of the open source software does not go through the same level of software security checks. The security concerns are hardly addressed as most of the developers don’t have any knowledge about the security compliances.

There are a number of ways in which you can find vulnerabilities in the open source software. Some of the popular tools that can be used are discussed below.

Node Security Project (NSP)

The node security project is known for tracking security of node modules. It uses some public databases like the NIST National Vulnerability Database to scan and uncover vulnerabilities. So basically, it checks if the public vulnerability has been found in packages and node modules.


It is a repository of software information that emphasis on vulnerability issues. It effectively covers JavaScript, NET/C#, and Java ecosystems. The information is extracted from NPM, Nugent, Bower, MSI, etc.


It is an open source command line tool like OWASP. It can also be used as a package of inbuilt tools and a stand-alone tool. The vulnerability information for the dependency check is pulled from the NIST NVD.


It checks the dependencies focused on Ruby Bundler through the command line. This command line tool gets its vulnerabilities information from the NIST NVD and RubySec, which is a Ruby vulnerability database.

Commercial Tools

Commercial tools like Hakiri, Snyk, WhiteSource, Gemnasium etc. can be used for dependency checks via static code analysis. In addition, it allows publicly accessible open source projects and paid plans for private projects.

Open source performance testing has been much in demand because of its low cost. Open source automation tools for testing are used for load tests, standardization, and development acceleration. Easy availability of automated testing open source tools have almost upstaged their commercial counterparts, and open source testing software that comes with competitive features and without licensing costs provide a proficient way to test the performance of applications in a real environment.

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