5 Ways to Identify the Need of Mobile Test Automation

5 Ways to Identify the Need of Mobile Test AutomationWith the advancement in technology, people are getting more adapted to mobile devices. Today, there are thousands of mobile based applications serving the day to day need of millions of users. However, with time the expectations from such applications have already increased. This has made mobile application testing more complicated, especially on the today’s multi-functional Smartphone. Moreover, the tendency of the users to switch over to a different game in case of bad experience has made testing the most important task to retain customers.

However, if you are still thinking about adopting mobile test automation in your company, the following points will surely incline you towards it.

  1. With so many devices and platforms, it is difficult to give sufficient time to each one of them. You must face the situation of testing device based apps, browser based apps, and hybrid apps. In addition, you need to keep updating your testing skills with the latest technology and devices in the market.
  2. Today, the time-to-market is relatively more. However, with the quality of app in mobile devices better than the desktop based apps, it is required to give more time for testing. Automation can help handle this situation in a better way, especially when so many companies are competing to attract customers.
  3. The performance of an application depends upon the network connection. With varying bandwidth and unreliable networks, the performance is also affected. Another factor that plays an important role is an Internet connection. It decides how fast an app can load. So, in order to ensure an error free app, you must perform testing for varying network condition.
  4. For load, performance, and security testing, it is difficult to assign the correct resource, time, and effort. However, you must test the performance under varying conditions like heavy network traffic, low battery usage, etc. To avoid any malicious attack, security testing is equally important. Automation testing helps reduce the time taken for load and security testing.
  5. Automation reduces the time to test and cost as well, which is otherwise very time taking using the manual methods. For example, regression testing needs to be repeated for an every new functionality.

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