7 Software Testing and QA Practices for 2017

networking-640x400The software testing market has been impacted to a great extent with the advancement in technologies, IoT, and mobile. With the digital transformation, the software testing market has become more customer-centric and had undergone many transformations.

There are various trends and practices that keep changing with technology and help software testers to re-skill and re-strategize themselves. Some of the latest and emerging software testing and QA practices are discussed below.

Open Source Tools

When Apple started making Swift programming language, there was a major inclination towards open source approach. Microsoft followed the same approach with .Net platform for long-term success. With tools like Selenium and SoapUI that continue to grow, there are a lot of open source tools that can be used for DevOps, Test Automation, and Agile.


Python is easy to learn and is expected to grow in the coming years. It is similar to English and can be easily read by humans. With the use of Python language it is easy for a manual tester to move to automated software testing.

Security Testing

With the increased use of the Internet of Things, there is a rise in security threats as well. The security threats could be in the form of missing data encryption, accessing UI without password, etc. The global security testing market is expected to double by 2019. With advent of new technology, increased connectivity, and numerous new devices, there is a rise in number of hacking cases, therefore in future focus will be more on security testing in the near future.

Agile & Continuous Delivery

Agile development and continuous delivery help in more frequent delivery. With increased devices and error chances, there is a need for the testing tools to be more developer-friendly. This will involve developers more into the testing process.

Digital Transformation

The continuous testing strategy with more focus on Agile and DevOps practices will help in providing faster development cycles. The year 2017 will see more of exploratory testing and customer drove testing.

 Connected Devices

Today, there is a huge amount of data that gets accumulated because of connectivity between various devices. With IoT, the data is even more, as the connectivity is between larger devices, thus impacting testing. This has increased the number of scenarios as well. Now, the role of security testing has become vital, as huge amount of information is transmitted over the network with IoT applications.


Testing with respect to DevOps is more critical, as developers are also involved in ensuring overall quality engineering aspects and testing process apart from code correctness. DevOps ensures more QA and helps in more returns on investment and faster time to market in a cost-efficient manner.

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