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A/B testing is an invaluable tool for landing page optimization when implemented correctly. An A/B test involves testing two versions of a web page — an A version (the control) and a B version (the variation) — with live traffic and measuring the effect each version has on your conversion rate. To minimize wasting time, money and effort on changes that will yield little to no benefit – or even make things worse – take the following best practices into consideration while conducting A/B testing on your website.

Start simply, advance a little later

Although some people are really good at A/B testing, there is always some skill involved with testing some of your website’s more complex features. Instead, start your A/B testing with something simple, like moving your registration form to the left of the page instead of the right. Then, as you start to understand the A/B testing process, you can start conducting more sophisticated experiments.

Small steps can lead to significant results

Mostly people think that big, sweeping changes need to occur in an A/B test. The fact is, the minute details of the page are just equally important. Understand that something simple can still drive big improvements.

Test 1 Variable on a Page, But Don’t Limit Yourself to one Variable

In order to see if a feature on a page is working effectively or not, you have to isolate it in your A/B test. Test one item at a time, but remember that your web pages are also made up of a number of other features. You don’t have to limit yourself just to testing color background or text size. Think also about your images, videos, language, bullet points, and headlines etc.

Keep testing on the go

Your first A/B test may have been a huge success, helping you discover a new way to make your web page more effective. However, there’s always room for more optimization on your website. Try conducting an A/B test on another feature of that same page. For example, you can test for headlines, body copy, color schemes, images, adding features, etc. Then move onto another page of your site and do some testing there. There’s quite a good chance you can still increase leads elsewhere, too. Do not leave testing if you are done with one website, keep testing.

Don’t let go even if the test shows no positive output

You may decide to conduct an A/B test on the headline for a web page but see no statistically significant result to persuade you to run with one page over the other. Don’t think your A/B test failed. Be innovative, use the failed data to help you figure out a new iteration on your new test. For example, consider testing new headlines, and see if that makes a difference. If not, the headline may have no bearing, but there may be another feature of your page you can adjust to increase leads. For example, try switching up your call-to-action button, and see if that makes a significant difference. Having an innovative bent of mind will never make you face failure in testing.

Rules of A/B testing

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