Agile and XP Testing Resources

Manifesto for Agile Software Development – The origin of the ‘Agile’ approach and the twelve guiding principles of agile software development.

Agile Testing Articles – Large collection of articles related to Agile testing at Agile Alliance web site.

Agile Methodologies – Martin Fowler’s online discussion of ‘agile’ methodologies (XP, Scrum, Crystal, FDD, DSDM, etc.) includes summaries of various approaches as well as reference information, and factors to consider in choosing these approaches.

Perils and Pitfalls of Agile Adoption – Article by Matt Heuser at InformIT site, includes discussion of risks such as that agile methods are easy to misunderstand, that it’s easy to think you’re doing Agile right, and be wrong, and that agile methods make value (or lack of value) visible.

Agile Testing – Series of agile-testing oriented articles by Jonathan Kohl on the InformIT site, includes articles on ‘Test-Driven Development from a Conventional Software Testing Perspective’, ‘Exploratory Testing on Agile Teams’, ‘Conventional Software Testing on an Extreme Programming Team’, ‘Conventional Software Testing on a Scrum Team’.

Agile Testing – What is it? Can it work? – PDF version of an article by Bret Pettichord that summarizes considerations and issues in testing in agile environments.

An Uncomfortable Truth about Agile Testing – Article by Jeff Patton on the StickyMinds site about some of the potential difficulties of testing on an Agile project.

XP Resources – Large collection of resources from Ron Jeffries about ‘Extreme Programming’ including a discussion of how QA fits into the XP approach, XP Magazine archives with articles such as ‘Test-First Design’, ‘Incremental Requirements’, ‘Extreme Programming and the CMM’, and more. Also see ‘The Rules and Practices of Extreme Programming ‘ at the web site.

XP in a Safety-Critical Environment – Interesting article by Mary and Tom Poppendieck concerning the applicability of XP practices in safety-critical software development.

Scrum – Web site of Advanced Development Methods, Inc and their Scrum methodology, a team-based agile approach to iteratively, incrementally develop software with rapidly changing requirements.


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