An Agile Approach to User Acceptance Testing

An agile acceptance test is one of the ways to express software product behavior as a usage scenario. It is quite similar to unit test as it may pass or fail (binary result). Business requirements are formally expressed in this form as it is the main form of Acceptance specification. However, there are companies that use acceptance tests as an alternative to specification documents having use cases.

Acceptance test, Functional test, and Customer test are interchangeably used, whereas user stories are called story test.

Acceptance testing has various benefits, including the following:

However, acceptance tests containing implementation details are often difficult to review and understand by customers and domain experts. To avoid acceptance tests concerned with technical implementation, you need to involve customers and domain experts while creating and discussing implementation tests. Acceptance test focused on technical implementation often fail due to minor changes, as they don’t have any impact on product’s behavior in reality.

Automated acceptance agile tests are not universally seen as a net benefit as compared to automated unit tests, as some costs were outweighed by the benefits of the practice:

Acceptance testing caters the need to determine an application compliance with the stated requirements. It is a kind of graphical user interface (GUI) test executed on a complete, integrated system. Acceptance testing includes effective examination and validation of all functions, features, and competence of a software product. Some of the tests play a vital role in minimizing undetected defects; they include requirement-based, Acceptance, usability, and compatibility testing.

360logica guarantees quality software product through its Acceptance testing services irrespective of the present and future risks involved. Our proficiency lies in usability testing and providing quality assurance. This ensures that the client application is tested according to the objectives and set parameters. Our experts are adept at performing error-free integration, effective compatibility testing, and enhanced reliability of applications that are cost-effective in the least possible time.

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