An Ingenious Way to Manage Test Data

An Ingenious Way to Manage Test DataIn the arsenal of software testing, one of the most important things is to deal with the data. Today, the significance of test data management is ignored by many test teams. Most of such teams often rely on the manual method for the creation of data time and time again. By indulging testers to re-create the data, they fail to realize that they are disturbing the testing timetables by adding extra hours. Moreover, increase in data volume also leads to high risk of data errors.

How do you manage your test data?

With the availability of huge amounts of data, it is very difficult to find or create test data for a specific test. In addition, the collected data might not fit every instance of the test that is being run. Moreover, managing data to suit every test run also incorporates a huge cost.  However, by implementing an adept test data management process and using an efficient data management tool, the cost associated with testing could be drastically reduced. This would also ease down the burden from the tester and add some security to protect critical data.

The essence of smart data management lies in your understanding of the data you require. This also includes the in-depth knowledge about the business processes and data associated with all the involved applications. Though, only a subset of this data is required by a tester; however, this data should be able to validate boundary conditions. A better data management also involves marking sensitive data as important for the application under test.

However, there are many difficulties while dealing with the test data, especially refreshing the test data. A tester can experience test data corruption leading to representation of inaccurate test scenarios. In addition, it requires a lot of time and money to refresh test data. In order to overcome such complexities, a tester must use a test data management tool. An adept test data management tool streamlines the process and eases the job of a tester.

This is how a good test data management tool can help a tester.

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