How Apple’s iMessage Flaws Impacting the Users?

iMessageApple’s iMessage app was launched with various new features and was loved by many. It was a lightweight app with many crazy sticker packs, which injected life into text message conversation. However, this app no longer holds the same value as before.


Though there are various issues, design is not a bad idea to start with. Apple is known for its design-first approach. However, it messed up using a bad example. Usually, any app should not take more than three taps to land you where you want to be, considering you need a tap to start the app itself.

The iMessage app store requires five taps to get open. But, for a tech-savvy person an intricate design doesn’t reflect a good example. To use something so simple, if you have to go through multiple steps and instructions, it is probably a UI failure. Even for a novice person, a convoluted design can make them land nowhere.

Moreover, even if you are able to install them successfully, you are not sure about its behaviour thereafter. In fact, you can find various feedbacks from popular apps, including iMessage related to their behaviour and other functional issues. You can find issues where people were not able to remove it after the installation.


You can find various app with varying quality on Apple store. A person who has migrated from Android to iOS will find no difference, as the store will have mixture of apps, with hardly a few good ones. Moreover, the one you will use will give you many reasons to ponder upon.

You can find a number of apps related to Disney on Apple app store, littering the home screen for days. The constantly-updating nature of the app store can hardly be found either. Many users have started to believe that they throw up sticker pack to browsers that downloads them easily. Though there are useful features available, they are positioned so badly that they almost take the hope from users in finding them.


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