Are You Ready to Move from Waterfall to Agile?

Are You Ready to Move from Waterfall to AgileA company that is strongly embedded with waterfall model often finds it difficult to develop agile skills. However, there are various strategies that can be used for moving from waterfall to agile.

In a situation where a company is strongly entrenched with the waterfall model, it is often difficult to break the stereotype. Still, you can find many companies looking for agile skills for some or the other reason. So, you must grab the opportunity to show your agile skill set whenever there is a chance. It can also help you in enhancing your skills and advance in your current role.

Moving from waterfall to agile is much easier than it looks. Firstly, you must try to get involved in the agile community, especially local agile user group. Connecting with agile community and learning from other agile professionals always proves to be helpful. You can also try following them on social media platforms.

To make things simpler, you can try adopting agile methodologies as much as you can rather than going for selective things to suit your environment. For example, your team may be open for sprints and you can take the opportunity to show the advantages of agile approach in review meetings post its implementation.

This will portray you as an agile expert within your organization. You can show better ways to progress in your project and seek suggestions to do so on a daily basis. Even if the company is not ready to adopt agile instantly, your team members must be positive with your ideas. Moreover, you can get agile certifications to have an upper hand in your career.

Lastly, there must be other people in your organization with the same thought process as yours. You can interact with them and create an internal agile group. It can have a better impact as compared to an individual’s effort. Moving from waterfall to agile begins with you. So, you must try to be well familiar with it first.

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