Automated Testing: Choosing Between Real and Virtual Devices

Automated Testing: Choosing Between Real and Virtual DevicesThere are various virtual devices that cater the need to emulate real devices while performing software testing. However, there are situations where you need to decide the best possible way to automate your test.

 Let’s analyze the situations where virtual devices could be a better option than real devices and vice-versa.

Situations where virtual devices prove better

However, virtual devices or emulators might not be suitable in the following situations.

Situations where real devices should be picked

However, in some situations, choosing real devices for testing might not be feasible.

Software testing tools play a major role while testing on real and virtual devices. Today, there are a number of software testing tools to choose from. For the Android platform, you can consider using the following tools.

Robotium: Referred as ‘Selenium for Android’ is a free UI testing tool.

Appium Automation Framework:  Run tests using the WebDriver interface.

MonkeyRunner: Used to run tests on both real devices and emulators.

With some many advantages and disadvantages associated with real and virtual devices, you must analyze the project requirements and decide the best combination of real and virtual devices for your project.

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