Being Context-Driven while Performing Software Testing

Being Context-Driven while Performing Software Testing

What Does “Context-Driven Testing” Mean?

 “Context-driven Testing” focuses on context in order to carry out testing effectively.

 Things that are called “Context-Driven”

 The seven principles that relate all these things are mentioned below.

  1. Context is something that gives value to any practice.
  2. Context has only good practices and no best practices.
  3. The key to any project’s context lies in its people working together.
  4. The unpredictable nature of the projects over a time.
  5. The product won’t work without solving the problem. The product is a solution.
  6. A good software testing requires intellectual skills, which is quite challenging.
  7. We can do the right things at the right time only through judgment and skill throughout the project.

Implicit Principles of the Context-Driven School of Testing 

 How Do I Know I am Context-Driven? 

 Important Key of Context Based 



Possible Motives for Key Players: 


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