Best way to improve our Automation script Quality

Every organisation is trying to deliver their product feature on fast and to do this they are following Agile model. To make success of Agile model they must automate their most of test cases so that they can reduce their manual work and to overcome that automation comes in existence.

In current QA industry Selenium web Driver has taken good place in market over the other tools. When we talk about selenium web Driver it opens option to use various languages for automation. But mostly we prefer Java because all the engineer have already studied it in their college life and its better organised and simplified language which gives them many benefits during implementation from the others.

But while we are automating our test cases we do some minor mistakes which decrease our code quality, here I am going to share some of them which I have collected from my experience.

For every project we have a team who is having multiple engineers who are coding for the same project, to organize their code we must have a common repository. There are multiple repositories in market but in this article, I will be mostly focusing on GitHub.

Before submitting code into repository its good practice to get it reviewed from peer and then push your code into Git local branch and create a pull request by  CCing some of your developer and the person who is having good coding exposer, that they may suggest you some good ideas over your script and suggestion how to optimize your code in better way.

Below are the common minor mistakes ours QA members always do, that do not impact any functionality but yes reduce our coding quality.

  1. In class name make sure all the Words used their first letter is in upper case.
  1. While you are writing your method always write first letter of first word in lower case and rest of the words first letter in upper case.
  1. While you are creating any variable or object always write first letter of first word in lower case and rest of the words first letter in upper case.

Author : Nasim Akhter


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