Blockchain Testing Best Practices

Blockchain is designed to record transactions in a digitized, decentralized, and openly shared manner. It is an ideal platform for sale and purchase of values based asset through peer and peer networking. Here, the participants act as nodes where the ledger gets updated through replication by peers. Since it eliminates any duplication, it is considered to be very economical and efficient mode of transferring assets across a supply chain.

Blockchain Testing

To ensure trust among the users, Blockchain components must be intact with each other. Testers should follow some best practices to ensure Blockchain components interact with each other in a trusted fashion.

  1. Shift Left Testing

There must be software quality at each step of value transfer process. With the advancement in technology, there are various companies preferring Agile and DevOps practices to their development and testing cycle. Shift Left approach allows various testing to happen early where those tests can be reused further. By introducing early testing we can reduce the number of defects that can be found later and can provide iterative feedback.

  1. API Testing

API testing address the communication between the applications into and out of the Blockchain system. Because of the events, Blockchain activity can be triggered through an external call or event. The interactions of applications must be validated into and out of Blockchain system.

  1. Functional Testing

As Blockchain will add new application areas it is vital to functionally test the key Blockchain components. With this, you can evaluate key business scenarios and use-case scenarios. You must also include the following components:

  1. Performance Testing

Performance testing in Blockchain includes identifying performance bottlenecks, defining the performance metrics, and accessing if the application is ready for production.

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