Brute Force Attack

Brute force attack work like as a thought. Suppose if locks not open by single key then we try other different keys. Brute force attack also work on same concept. Brute force attacks are performed with a software which software create thousand’s combination of username passwords of number, alphabets, symbols, or according to parameters of attacker. Software does hit login page/ authentication page with different – different username and passwords combination and try to bypass login page/ authentication page. Some time, it does fail due to high level security.

Sometimes this process completed in minutes; other times it can take very long time like day, month etc. It process also depend on software and user internet speed.

Some attacker knows about username/password length (some authentication page set username/password length) So attacker set password length and start attack then complete this process on guess time.

Brute force attacks are a critical threat capable to effecting accounts, millions of businesses status.

How Brute Force Attacks Work:-

In this case, Hacker sells information, and also use as bad activity.

Examples of Brute Force Attacks:-

Brute force attacks take place all of the time. Sometime successful and fail result comes out. These are some recent attacks:-

  1. Firefox:                                                 March 2018

What You can do to Prevent a Brute Force Attack:-

Brute force attacks can be identifying because of the large number of login attempts. Attacker hits login page continuously. So you can block IP address of attacker. But unfortunately, attackers can attacks through proxy servers.

Still, you can prevent a successful attack by:

  1. Use strong passwords (combination of alphabets, number and symbols)
  2. Set limit (2 or 3 time, like ATM Machine) number of login attempts
  3. Use of CAPTCHA’s
  4. Asking security questions
  5. Use two-factor authentication


Brute force attacks are used to break security of applications so attacker can reach the intended target. Whether online or off, any time, any system can under an attack.

So, there are many options for prevent a brute force attack. Because Brute force attack will be different-different nature according to attack condition, there is not only single method for prevention. We should use possible ways to prevent brute force attack.

Author : Akash Kumar


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