Case Study – Mobile Application Testing and Automation

Subject: A renowned mobile application management company hired 360logica for mobile application testing and mobile app test automation.

Domain: Mobile enterprise application management for business users, developers, IT advantages, etc.

Services Used: Mobile application testing, mobile app test automation, QA assurance, test management.

Testing Tools: SDKs for mobile applications, Jmeter, Mobile Devices, JIRA bug tracker and test management, Fonemonkey.

Technology: Java for web application and iOS, Android, RIM tablet applications.

Client Profile

The client is a well known player in mobile application management enterprise segment and offers a one stop solution for various business/enterprise to manage mobile applications on their devices. It provides mobile application management services that help business users, IT professionals, and developers to manage and introduce their applications to the market. Our client also offers enterprise application storefront and management console to distribute, secure, manage, and market mobile apps for Apple iOS, Google Android, RIM tablets, and various other smart phones.

Business Situation

Our client looked for a reliable QA and testing service provider well equipped to assist in its foray into the mobile application management enterprise market dominated by the new technology and growing end user expectations. Today’s business environment is highly dependent on mobile communication. People across all business segments are using mobile applications for business communication, business applications, market places, app management, customer management, payments, etc. Rapid expansion of organizations and growth of user perspectives nowadays call for more exclusive and robust mobile platforms befitting to growing requirements. Unveiling of newer applications for mobile version websites, smartphones, m-commerce, new games, and other mobile based services forced our client to start developing new enterprise mobile application management software product to manage such apps. It looked for a QA and Testing partner who could help set up their QA and test process and provide one stop testing solutions to all their needs.

The Situation: Technical and Nontechnical Challenges On the Client

The client had a stealth start up when it reached out to us for setting up a QA and test framework for its products. As a well grown enterprise over the last 2 years, the client company has many challenges proportionate with its extensive business. Size, budget, time limit, newer technology, and reliability of offshore testing partner put some serious challenges for our client before we took upon their project.

At Testing Expert End

We faced a number of technical challenges while testing the client application distribution system.

Process adaptability, initial QA process, and product development was not in sync and managing test results and test planning were difficult.
It was a challenge to perform application testing, testing on handheld devices, and then automation test suit development.
Side loading was another core challenge for our testing team.
There was another challenge which we faced was the issue of compatibility as the single application would be running in different mobile operating system.
The issue of device platform compatibility was also taken into consideration, as a single application would be running on different devices, such as mobiles, iPads etc.
The text inputs were running very slow and cumbersome on different mobile devices.
Performance test on mobile API/web services also called for greater expertise.
There was a challenge in providing the application crash logs which could help find bugs.

360logica Solutions

Experts in 360logica mobile application testing team recommended and implemented certain solutions that helped the client overcome the above mentioned challenges.

Robust system and integration tests across different devices and simulators.
SDK used efficiently to compile and run the app in simulator.
We provided excellent mobile devices inventory to help their applications tested.
SDK installation and test team generated build for devices and tested it on various platforms.
Web app version tested on different browsers including Mac safari and mobile browsers.
Servers recommended for development team, test team, and product team helped properly labeling and versioning of build on different server, it helped to track down issues on different versions of software.
Automation achieved for more than 60% of the entire enterprise software.
We also provided the client the database testing so that there should not be any data overlap or data missing issues in case of a change in database schemas.
We generated and recorded the crash logs so that we could get closer to the bugs in short span of time.
Jmeter and SOAP UI framework were used for load profiling.
Functional Automation tests written for mobile applications using Fonemonkey.
360logica increased the mobile inventory that helped cover compatibility testing on versatile range of devices.

Client Benefits

The client got more than benefits we promised. The product was delivered on time and within budget, and the client was fully satisfied with our proactive communication, international standard of delivery, 24/7 support, and effective documentation process. The following are the key benefits we added to our quality service during the test management.

Savings of costs by 60% due to extensive use of automation tools.
360logica test team worked like a product partner with a strong belief in shared growth and exceeded quality expectations of the client.
Rigorous testing on various platforms made the client assured of application’s robust performance and helped maintain inventory of test resources without any difficulty.
Our extensive experience in effective handling of outsourcing projects and providing independent testing services helped the client take care of their product at different stages smoothly without any botheration and remain focused on sales and strategic planning.
On-time delivery and on-schedule reporting provided the client an edge in product’s market introduction and saved their time. We worked when the development teams were off and provide them results when they begin their next session.
Our expertise in mobile test automation and testing capacity provided the client guaranteed quality assurance.
Accelerated QA process helped our development partner as well as customers to take fast and confident decisions regarding release cycle and market launch.
Testing on extra devices helped in ensuring more stable function of the product and catering to the extensive needs of mobile users.
Our proficiency in performance engineering helped the client to get the best possible results for scalability, reliability, and sustainability.

Case Study



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