Challenges Associated with Web 2.0 Applications

web 2.0With the advancement in technology, the Web and the Internet continue to provide the best customer experience and increased utility of the application. The Web 2.0 signifies the changes in the way Web pages are created and accessed. In the recent times, Internet and Web have become keys for business communication. The evolvement of software technologies has delivered new user experiences by replacing older technologies. This signifies the present state of the technological evolution as well as the best examples of its application.

You can find many companies adopting these technologies to create richer and responsive interactions. In order to be effective, such applications must be more complex than traditional websites.

Today, Web 2.0 applications are being accepted by a large number of enterprises. However, with the rise, it throws many challenges for testing such applications.

Testing Team Involvement

Web 2.0 based developments are very collaborative and it’s quite difficult to get the clear definitions of requirements. Here, early involvement of the testing team with the development team and their collaborative work is required.

Frequent Changes

With frequent and continuous changes in the web 2.0 applications, there is a need of automation and agility in the testing process.

Testing Various Components

Application consists of various standalone applications instead of being a single standalone application. QA needs to update the process to test the applications in a better way through new testing scenarios.

It is difficult to map end user scenarios directly to the requirement. The user behavior will create more scenarios with a non-linear path.

Testing Non-Functional Requirements

One of the most challenging tasks in web 2.0 applications is performance scalability. In addition, performance testing with traditional methodologies doesn’t work effectively.

Recent developments have suggested that web 2.0 applications are more prone to security loopholes.

Measurement Challenges of Web 2.0

Capabilities of measuring tools are divided just like development skills and responsibilities. The multiple characteristics of web 2.0 applications create several other challenges. Some of the challenges for all measurement tools are mentioned below.


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