The Challenges of Testing Wearable Tech Devices

Today’s industry is full of wearable technologies that are impacting our day to day lives. With the advancement in technology, we are moving to a world with a smarter way of leaving. However, it brings lots of challenges in terms of testing, which cannot be ignored in today’s competitive world. Wearable technologies are creating a lot of buzz with the major shift in the tech industry. There are some concerns for the developers, and would also mean to the testers.

Good User Experience

Here, the concern is about a good user experience for a wearable tech device. It is always a challenge for the developers to develop an intuitive UI connected to a wristband or augmented glasses. This can be simplified by highlighting the key information.

Testing wearable tech UIs will redefine usability testing. For this, the user experience will be stripped down further. It will also reduce the difference in the UI testing between Android and iOS-based devices while testing the usability of wireless devices, like wristbands.

Look and Feel

The success of wearable technology depends largely on the look and feel. Since the usability of software is to be tested; the device experience will need to be tested as well. It makes complete sense to test if the features are easy to use.


Wearable technology has made a massive app matrix with connected devices like watches, wristbands, glasses, sneakers, etc. There is a big difference in developing a software application for a paired wireless device and other similar devices.

Testing a wearable technology involves testing the device itself, its software, and the way it communicates with other devices. Moreover, you can’t automate this. The technology will require communicating and perform correctly under various scenarios. The challenges will be mainly in the areas related to functionality, usability, and security.

360logica has developed a comprehensive and unique testing strategy to tackle any challenges associated with validating IoT applications. 360logica makes use of the real devices, tools, and frameworks to perform testing of IoT applications. The IoT test framework developed by 360logica can be easily integrated with various platforms and IoT protocols. The in-house tools can be used to recreate real-time scenarios and when combined with simulators, can facilitate enhanced automation. Our in-depth expertise and offerings make IoT application testing hassle-free and simple.

IoT is one of the rapidly developing markets we have seen in the last couple of years. With the advancement in technology and the increasing number of software and devices in IoT everyday things are going to change. This has raised the need to test IoT based application to ensure a high-quality application. However, it requires a completely different approach, keeping in mind the elements involved in IoT and the ever-changing technology. Test strategies and planning hold key to start with IoT testing. It also requires thinking holistically about the complexities that can arise due to huge volumes and the pace and diversity of data that are being generated across the connected system.


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