Cloud Computing sans Security is a Risk!

Cloud Computing sans Security is a Risk!

Cloud computing has been a rage in the technology domain since a few years and is on the go, running smoothly even today, only if security is sorted. If security is hampered, cloud computing has no significance.

What do you understand by cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is the practice that involves usage of network servers that are remotely located. Users can access the remote servers via the Internet to manage, store and process relevant data, rather than on the personal computer of a local server. Cloud Computing is seen by many as the wave of information technology for individuals and companies.

Cloud Computing is a very common technique now in almost all business as we all know it is cost effective, faster and easily maintained. It has now become a trend that apart from enterprises opting for cloud computing, regular internet users avail cloud computing services such as Google Docs, Dropbox and more to access their files whenever and wherever they want.

Cloud computing has expedited worldwide with several internet services as well as development of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Most of us now carry our devices everywhere for easy access of documents, media and pictures on cloud storage via the Internet.

As expected, with the development in technology market, it is obvious for the experts to worry about the increased security needs for cloud computing, which is not an easy task.

 Security issues over cloud computing is certainly one of the major concerns that many companies are trying to acknowledge. However, there are some companies that are also concerned about regulatory issues.  Market observers say that 47 percent of the participants in the survey worry that they will be tied to one provider of cloud storage.

“There’s no more debate,” says Rajat Bhargava, co-founder of JumpCloud, a cloud security startup. “When you don’t own the network, it’s open to the rest of the world, and you don’t control the layers of the stack, the cloud – by definition – is more insecure than storing data on premises.”

Tech experts share that cloud computing is at its budding stage and providers will have to act upon concerns related to security, availability, maintenance etc to bolster in times ahead. And to abide with this, tight security stance at the point of entry should be shaped. This allows you to make sure that any sort of loopholes are detected at an early phase of the life cycle because that is the where it should be jerked upon and hence this in turn ensures your cloud computing is highly secured.


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