Cloud Performance Testing: How to Build an Effective Strategy?

With the increase in the number of cloud-based applications, there is a rise in the number of users as well. There are various resources for computing and storage for the applications and critical to measuring the application’s performance on the cloud. Performance is something that directly affects the user experience. However, application testing on the cloud is little different from the traditional approach. The ultimate aim of performance testing is to measure various parameters like, latency, throughput, etc. with different loads and performance metrics, which can be done using a proper strategy. With a number of virtual machines already in the cloud, it becomes more important to plan a strategy.


In order to successfully implement things in the cloud, there are various cloud metrics like storage, processing, bandwidth, users, etc that are important. With varying load, elasticity is a key factor for the cloud infrastructure, which helps in adding more resources and decreases it accordingly depending on the situation. There are various other factors, like scalability, availability, and reliability that define a good infrastructure.


Performance and load based testing on the cloud-based applications bring a lot of benefits in term of operational cost. Testing at cloud level maximizes the benefit by testing application at scale. Moreover, it allows simulating load with many concurrent users irrespective of geography.


Some of the performance tests that can be performed on cloud include the following:

The major reason that is pushing cloud computing is the cost factor. Cloud testing allows you to easily perform system testing by creating separate test regions. You must move to the cloud with right test strategy keeping in mind the factors like cost-effectiveness, easy infrastructure, reduced cycles, different cloud models. However, there are certain risks involved that must be kept in mind before taking the decision. In case of external cloud service factors like security, quality, reliability, latency, and bandwidth should be carefully looked.


360logica makes use of open source and commercial tools to execute performance testing. This proves to cost-effective and high in standards. We give priority to the client’s requirements and select tools following industry standards based on that. Our performance testing services are also provided through client-server and web applications. This allows us to perform load and stress testing on Windows, Linux, and other platforms.


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