Commonly Used Software Testing Frameworks and their Benefits

A framework is nothing but a set of protocols or rules that can be incorporated to leverage the benefits provided by the framework. A software testing framework provides an environment for the automation test scripts to be executed. With the use of framework, users can efficiently work with the automation test scripts, including development, execution, and reporting.

In short, a framework is a mixture of various guidelines, protocols, concept, processes, etc. that can be followed by a user while automating an application and take advantage of various positive aspects. Depending on the situation, the result could be in different forms, like scripting, modularity, scalability, maintenance, etc. These benefits could be grabbed if there are multiple test automation frameworks to be used for different software testing strategies.

However, there are situations when there is a requirement of a standard framework for test automation. This happens in a situation where there are multiple modules of an application and there are many developers who have their own idea of implementing automation. A single framework can help in avoiding any confusion arising due to multiple ideas.

Advantage of Test Automation Framework

There are various advantages of software testing automation framework, including the fact that these frameworks are application independent (technology, architecture), i.e. any application can be sued. Some of the other advantages include.

Different Kinds of Test Automation Framework

There are different kinds software testing methodologies and test automation framework available in the market. The wide range of framework available differs from each other on the basis of support and other key factors like, reusability, maintenance, etc.

Some of the most widely used test automation frameworks are discussed below.






The frameworks discussed above are some of the most commonly used frameworks used in the software testing industry. However, there are several other frameworks that can be used.

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