Compatability Testing Case Study

The Client

Our customer for OS compatibilities is, they developed a products for High Impact Image Applications and all 3 softwares are Desktop applications.

For browser compatibility test requirements, Our customer is leader in Online market Place – .

The Requirements

DualAlign required to ship their products on different OS Windows, Mac and Linux. 360logica supposed to perform compatibility testing across all different OS and produce compatibility issues.
Elance is leader in onlinemarket place and asked us to perform regular testing on all available browsers and OS.

The Solution

Identification of Matrix of all OS and resource scheduling.
Defined tasks and QA deployed for dedicated OS testing for Dual align products, produce separate reports for each OS results.
Browser testing for Elance, we identified all popular browser and their old and newer versions. We prepared matrix of those information’s and used QA resources for one version of one browser. VM ware helped us to perform testing on different browser on different machines.

The Technology

OS for Dual align tests : Windows 2000, 2003, NT, VISTA, XP, windows 7, and MAC
Browsers: Internet explorer versions 6,7,8, Firefox versions 1.5, 2.0 and higher, Opera, Safari on windows and Mac both
VM ware for virtual machines creation


Challenge was to set up different OS and browser environment
Resource allocation for every combination of OS and browser
This involved the development of various OS and browser combinations and generating the environments.
Performing the functional and browser compatibility testing across these combinations of operating systems and browsers.
Worked closely with customer to understand product
Establish a bug reporting mechanism for efficient and quick bug fixing.


Case Study


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