Complexities while Testing Online Banking Applications

Bank Application testingToday, banking is a multi-channel service provider. The day-to-day monetary transactions through banking applications require high reliability, scalability, and accuracy in terms of data. Therefore, it is required to test such applications under various scenarios. An adept test strategy for banking application must include Mobile, Internet, Cloud, and other aspects related to banking application.

Challenges Associated with Testing Internet Banking  

Diverse browsers and internet connections

User can use different browsers and internet connections to login to the webpage. In order to provide better user experience, you must consider the performance of the page on different browsers and platforms while testing.

Usage paths

Users may follow different link sequences to access a functionality. With a large number of usage paths, a tester must ensure that there is a seamless connection between the links.


Not all users are comfortable performing the banking tasks online. It requires some technical knowledge to perform any transaction through banking application. Testing must consider various groups of customers and must focus on simple design.


Banking portals are most prone to hacks and attacks. The vulnerabilities and potential errors can be identified using vulnerability scanner and penetration testing. In addition, you must also stick to international security standards.


There are times when the traffic is at peak, especially during the festival time. Any failure related to performance can affect the personal experience of a user.  Some of the examples include Cyber Monday IT failure in RBS and NatWest banks that showed incorrect balances.

Challenges Associated with Testing Mobile Banking Applications


With a multitude of device in the market, it is very hard to consider all the devices, platforms, and network for testing. Things get more complex when you don’t plan the automation properly.

Design and Configuration

Most of the banking apps that run on iOS and Android devices are improperly configured due to their deviation from the software industry’s best practices.


Security testing is quite challenging, especially when there is a huge variation in OS and network across mobile devices. Testing must adhere to all security standards related to platform, network, and OS.

Time to Market

With the addition of every new feature, there is an aim to attract more and more customers. With reduced time to market, there is a pressure leading to short testing cycle. This can have adverse effects on credibility, customer trust, and safety.

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