Create Your Own Agile Testing Practice in the World of Mobility?

agile-test-practicesToday, mobile forms the basis of any kind of communication. Mobile has become an integral part of day to day life for any kind of activities, be it shopping, travelling, or any other thing. However, with the advancement in technology, there are many such applications that are coming up with new features and often have a lot of complexities. For testers, this is not going to make their life easier in any way. It’s not always about fancy apps; one has to ensure a flawless application before launching it. This helps the organization to run their business smoothly and make a long lasting relationship with the users.

Over the last few years, QA has evolved from being manual to automation and agile. However, there are lots of complexities and hindrance in adopting these technologies in mobile. This is because of the very slow transformation of traditional testing practices of vendors of the desktop market to the mobile market. In addition, there are no proven or certified best practices to tackle this.

Even the traditional waterfall model won’t fit, as you can’t leave the bugs to be handled at the end in mobile applications, which will make the entire architecture to change. Even the simplest of the feature is not so easy to test. Moreover, mobile apps have a large set of users, including professional and novice. So, the testing scenarios should be created keeping both in mind.

Lean Machine for Mobile Testing

A balanced mobile testing strategy is very much required for mobile apps, keeping in mind the shift towards agile and automation technologies. With the technology advancing year after year, there is an immediate need to move away from traditional practices and embrace the latest one. But, how to build this practice?

Customer experience and satisfaction is one the key factors. Customers have lots of options to choose from if your application doesn’t perform well. It’s better to provide a beta version for the users, so that it gets tested and you get a high app store rating.

If the mobile application has any defect, it must be traced and handled as early as possible. The phrase ”if you have to fail, you should fail early” suits best for this situation. As there is no top-down approach, everyone must work collectively to ensure a quality product.

You can also try to get your application tested by a group of stakeholders from different perspective. This will help you discuss the inputs and updates and get the feedback to improve the product. The discussion could be in a forum, or a group of communities, where intellectual and technical discussion can take place.

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