DevOps Prediction: What the Future Holds

DevOps is one of the most powerful trends in the recent times. The adoption of DevOps practices has seen an exponential growth in the last couple of years. As we move towards 2018, DevOps is certainly becoming mainstream with many organizations shifting their approach towards DevOps.

With a trend that shows more businesses inclining towards DevOps, it is becoming a standard way of working. The ever-changing technology, especially the software applications that are more diverse in terms of operating systems and platforms, DevOps is slowly gaining its recognition. DevOps basically builds on the new technology and best practices that drives the organization in this modern economy.

Key Trends

With the business more inclining toward DevOps, there are some changing landscape and key trends, including:

DevOps Predictions

Some of the predictions for the future of DevOps include:

Containers and Microservices

Many organizations are moving towards microservices infrastructure because of the following features that are best suited for DevOps.

Containers, because of its property to run one process at a time with minimum deployment, are also gaining popularity.


Culture is key for DevOps successful journey, as it encourages integration. Implementing culture will enable continuous learning environment and will be easier to achieve success.

Shifting Left

DevOps solution and tools tend to shift left. This helps in identifying the issue earlier along with performance testing.


Adopting DevOps enables uptime and enhance quality. Similarly, it ensures fast recovery and minimizes downtime.

Some of the other predictions include:

Big Data and DevOps collaboration

Big Data and DevOps are moving towards designing of predictive analysis.


Organizations are focusing on DevOps to scale DevOps within an organization.

Hybrid Support

Hybrid model will make DevOps ready to support any tool for the future.


More importance is being given to post-deploy feedback loop.

Expansion of DevOps

DevOps is growing in the areas of database management, security, and testing.


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