Different Inadequacies of Robotized Testing and its Alternative

Different Inadequacies of Robotized Testing and its Alternative

Automated testing has played a major role in speeding up the delivery and minimizing the testing efforts. With the testing world more contingent about automated testing, there is a high dependence on such robotized mechanism. Though most of such tests can provide instant feedback of the system’s state, but some of them fail to maintain the consistency that is required during automated testing. Some of the sudden unforeseen issues related to automated testing that must be avoided are discussed below.

Automated testing in place of manual testing: A good testing approach requires different testing techniques and levels along with some repeated sequence of actions. Both manual and automated testing have their own importance in the field of software testing. Thus, one should step distinguishing between manual and automated testing.

Over dependency on professional testing tools: There are various commercial testing tools, which offer simple yet powerful testing mechanisms through the user-interface. However, such tests are often difficult to maintain and can even force some kinds of restrictions at times. With the huge cost and complexities involved with such techniques, it is better to use an open source tool as an alternative.

Using UI based tests when not required: Automated test can be best executed at the lowest unit level. It reduces the majority of the test efforts by allowing collaboration between the testers and the developers. In addition, it results in faster execution of the tests and proves economical. Almost similar level of efficiency can be achieved by performing UI based automated testing. However, the approach is slow, expensive, and vulnerable. UI based automated testing are intended for testing user interface and should not be used otherwise.

Too reluctant to use test cases: Creating a test case is the perfect way to involve everyone related to the product being tested. It is considered to be a good testing practice, which ensures a shared understanding between all. The test cases can be applied to any test types including unit testing and acceptance testing.

Laziness towards automated tests: A regular execution of the automated testing ensures quick feedback advantage and proves economical as well. However, an automated test initiated through the continuous integration (CI) system rather than manually reduces the potential risks that are involved.

Losing hope with slow and unreliable tests: Automated tests often face the rage of being slow and frangible. This entails the loss of confidence of the testers in the automated testing. One should be positive with such kinds of tests, and must apply thoughts to resolve or fix failing tests with the utmost priority.

Automation is not just about cutting the cost: The value of an automated testing is much more than it is considered. The unrealistic approach of comparing the automated testing tools with the return value is something that needs to be changed.

In addition to the above discussed points, there are many more pitfalls in automated testing. A brave tester would go beyond the automated testing and find ways to overcome the growing challenges.

There are a number of existing modules for a product already in place. Automating each module using a traditional approach requires more time and money, and is not recommended in any case.

One should try automating defect fixes rather than automating the entire test. A small automated script can be used to check the functionality once the defect has been fixed. This would be probably the best way to introduce automation into a regression pack slowly and gradually with time. Once the software code has been regressed, it is much easier to identify problems by automating bug fixes. This ensures automation with faster results initially and then incorporating more modules as and when required.


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