What are the Different Methodologies for Penetration Testing?

With the increased cyber attacks, companies have started focusing on performing security testing of their software application and products. Penetration testing is one of the most common and widely used techniques to identify vulnerable areas of the system. It involves wilful attacks on the system to identify the weak areas, which might provide a passage to malicious or unauthorized users for attacking the system and altering their integrity and veracity. This technique helps in fixing various security bugs and loopholes.

Moreover, it also helps in evaluating the capability of the system to defence unexpected malicious attacks. Some of the most common reasons for system vulnerability include the following:


How to Perform Penetration Testing?

You can use the following approaches to perform penetration testing.


Penetration Testing Methodologies


Penetration testing can be categorized on the basis of testing approaches to be used.





With the increase in cases of privacy breach, many organizations consider security testing as a vital component of software development life cycle (SDLC). 360logica is well aware of the security challenges and ensures security testing knowledge across domains. This allows us to be ready and respond to the product requirements to fullest potential in advance. Our dedication towards dynamic website testing and foolproof security testing make us a premium company in providing offshore software testing services. 360logica’s methodology, including a checklist of critical security elements, helps clients validate their software products without any error.


360logica endeavour to provide comprehensive security testing services to ensure seamless functioning of an application by addressing all potential issues especially mission-critical information. We are adept in analyzing both static and dynamic perception of threat, personalized methodology, and regular tracking of upcoming vulnerabilities. In addition, we are adept at overcoming realistic challenges and performance limitations. Our proficiency lies in using open source tools for cross site scripting method, website testing, SQL injection technique, and application security. This helps in overcoming all types of security failures at a low-cost.


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