Different Strategies for Testing HIPAA Compliant Applications

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, popularly known as HIPPA, is a legislation of the United States that provides security and data privacy of medical information. However, there is a still lot to be done to ensure HIPPA compliance through a comprehensive testing approach.

Firstly, HIPPA compliance defects must be given high priority by indicating them properly in a bug tracking system. A proper naming convention with the keyword “HIPPA” can help in prioritizing bugs with high-risk areas. These bugs are made clearly visible to Project Leader and are fixed with highest priority.

However, there are some of the major testing areas or strategies that ensure HIPPA compliance.

Sanity Testing

Conducting initial sanity testing is very important to detect major bugs in the HIPPA compliance. Sanity testing should be done in the following areas:



Role Matrix

Since the application makes use of role based access, the first task would be to identify all the roles in the system and their access level. The roles are identified by considering the risk associated with each level and consulting the customer. The risk level is identified based on the data, which includes the frequency of use, the chance of error, and its impact on the customer.

The role matrix uses a color code that indicates the security risk level, with Red=High, Yellow=Medium, and Green=Low.

Test Cases

HIPPA compliance is supported by a traceable record of the test and test cases with explicit details. Here, each step is broken further into low-level action with a specific expected result.

Other Important Areas for HIPPA Compliancy Testing

HIPPA compliance testing is divided into five main areas.


  1. User authentication
  1. Information disclosure
  1. Audit trail
  1. Data transfers
  1. Information on correct data use

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