Digital Revolution and the Need for QA Transformation

There are a number of companies investing in modern IT systems and collaborating with niche solution providers. In fact, for enhanced customer experience and growth, industries must start adopting the transformation in the digital world. With increased quality and productivity, the incremental value of this transformation is going to boost.

Digital transformation has also a major role to play in human lives, and it’s become extremely important to ensure its quality. Quality transformation involves traditional QA roles and redefines it through some best practices. In addition, it helps define right tools, processes, and methodologies.

Application Security and Digital Transformation

QA transformation can help in bringing continuous integration and improvement by exposing all possible bugs in an application. So, we can say that ensuring quality is a shared responsibility.

Today, the challenge lies in ensuring the security of a business application. By building a comprehensive QA plan you can secure customer-sensitive data. For example, the retail PoS system might be one of the badly affected due to any technical glitch. This is one of the many reasons that organizations are investing in digital transformation more and more.

QA Transformation

Digital technologies play a vital role in gaining a competitive edge in the market. With the emergence of technologies like big data and Cloud services, we can say that the digital transformation is on the right path. Digital transformation can drive QA transformation either directly or indirectly. One of the best examples can be taken of an Automation strategy that if adopted by organization across all levels can help ensure quality products.

Digital Transformation also involves new technologies for building smart devices, like in IoT. However, there could be various challenges in adopting a new technology with the existing platform and more. QA transformation can ensure a consistent benefit. For example, organizations can build a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) and adopt robust processes to make the transformation process result-oriented.


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