E-commerce and Auction Website Testing

E-commerce websites testing are very severe, because e-commerce sites are both business critical and highly visible to their users; any failure can be immediately expensive in terms of lost revenue and even more expensive in the longer term if disaffected users seek alternative sites. Yet the time pressures in the e-commerce world militate against the thorough testing usually associated with business criticality, so a new approach is needed to enable testing to be integrated into the development process and to ensure that testing does not present a significant time burden.

The very familiarity of much of the technology means that tried and true mechanisms will either be suitable or can be modified to fit. Rapid Applications Development (RAD), in particular, suggests some promising approaches. Like most new ventures, though, e-commerce must find its own way and establish its own methods. In this paper we have suggested some testing principles that have stood the test of time and intermingled them with some lessons learned from similarly challenging development environments to give e-commerce testers a staring point for their journey of discovery.

360logica offerings in e-commerce and auction website testing in very less budget and can provide proper tested and verified web product. Our expertise in e-commerce and auction website testing makes us confident enough to perform full fledge testing across site and work closely with customer to make sure, requirements meet. No unwanted or broken functions available. Website is OK performance wise for expected traffic.

360logica writes bidding, auction critical scenarios for customer to test end to end bidding/auction algorithms. We offer fixed cost package for e-commerce and auction sites.

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