Easy tools to build a Mobile application

Easy tools to build a Mobile application
How about trying your hand at building a mobile application? With so many free of cost resources available in the market, it is no more a nightmare if you try. The massive growth of the app market has coincided with the creation of a parallel niche industry — the proliferation of accessible, low-cost development alternatives to traditional shops and agencies.
An Instructables user, also an app developer, recently posted an article on Instructables to show how to code a basic iOS app for iPhone.
To start with, first download SDK – software development kit. In the article, Instructables user used Xcode 4, which can be downloaded from Apple Store to demonstrate in a few steps how easily an iOS app can be coded.
Another alternative to Xcode 4 is Conduit Mobile which offers an easy-to-use browser based tool for users to build an app and mobile website in just a few minutes. The service is completely free of cost and as intuitive as creating a WordPress page. It is also highly customizable. Currently Conduit supports iOS, Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Blackberry, Samsung’s Bada and HTML 5. So take a glance at these tools if you are planning for your business or website to go mobile. Did you ever think it would be this easy?
Anyone who prefers to build something more refined, AnyPresence could be your best and top-most option. If you have none or minimum technical backgrounds, AnyPresence offers pre-built templates that can help you develop and deploy the apps easily and instantly. AnyPresence is a leading enterprise cloud-based mobile platform that dramatically decreases the cost and complexity of multi-device application development and deployment. It is the only solution that offers non-technical users the ability to assemble and deploy HTML5 mobile and desktop apps, and true native iOS and Android apps without having to write code or install any software.
AnyPresence also provides pre-built industry mobile ‘app templates’ that further help to accelerate the development and deployment of mobile projects. These templates can be configured or extended to meet customer-specific requirements, and deployed in scalable, secure cloud infrastructure, or as a virtual appliance within a customer’s data center. The underlying platform also offers multiple methods of connecting to legacy applications, software-as-a-service and databases, so your existing IT systems can be easily mobile-enabled.
If you are about to build a mobile app or bring one to the market, take advantage of these free resources to build a mobile app. As the mobile applications market moves toward $25 billion per year, according to a MarketsandMarkets report, non-traditional development opportunities are emerging in a number of forms. Programs now allow everyday consumers to build apps through HTML, drag-and-drop platforms, customize templates and simply drop an SDK. These services are on the rise, and they’re worthy tools to keep in your arsenal.
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