How to Empower Software Testing through Data Management?

There are a lot of applications that get launched with various variations and additional features to attract the customers. This is backed by extreme QA and software testing. This is very crucial and key aspect in releasing versions of an application, as test data helps in assessing the application under test. Test data can be well analysed by test data management.

Since there is massive data that gets generated while testing an application, TDM is an effective way using which you can efficiently process the data and generate reports in much lesser time. This not only adds value to the application, but also implements the desired data within the development cycle. Some of the key features of Test Data Management are mentioned below:

In fact, there are organizations that have centralized test data management system to be used by testers and developers in time of use. This helps in streamlining the overall test data process to ensure application’s quality.

Some of the techniques that empower software testing include:


Exploring the test data includes selecting the right data sets from different formats across multiple systems. Identifying the right data within a given time is very critical, as it helps in dealing with end-to-end business requirements.


Validating the test data includes protecting the data that are explored from any kind of illegal access. Sensitive data like names, addresses, and financial information must be protected and should not get exposed.


Building the test data for reusability proves to be cost-effective and efficient in maximizing the testing efforts. It must be accessed from a central repository and used as much as possible.


Automation accelerates the process and makes it efficient by scripting, masking, data generation, cloning, and provisioning. You can put the test data in automation tool to ensure that data is provided in expected format as required.

Robust methodology and real-time test management focused on exact client requirements are essential constituents of 360logica QA consulting and testing services. Exceeding the traditional task of test management, professionals at our lab plan, assess, and monitor quality goals at every stage keeping in mind the budget set by clients and specific use of applications. We select the best tools and methodology based on our experience and devise customized strategy that assures systematic, reliable, and effective test management for our clients. Our methodical approach, effective test cases management, ability to handle all type of test scenario, world-class delivery module, and harmonized use of the latest technology assure clients reliable and value-added software test management services.


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