Why End to End Testing is Required and How to Execute it?

End to End testing determines whether the application is performing according to the requirements or not. It considers real world scenarios, including communication with the hardware and database. This type of testing ensures accurate communication between system components and also identifies various dependencies of an application.

There are two different methods of performing End to End Testing.

Horizontal End to End Testing

It occurs horizontally across multiple applications and is very commonly used method. The best example is a web-based application of an online ordering system. However, it can occur easily in a single ERP application.

Vertical End to End Testing

Here, all the layers of the application are individually tested from top to bottom. It includes verification and evaluation of all the transactions of an application from start till end. The best example is a web-based application that uses HTML codes for communicating with the web server.

End to End testing also combines the benefits of White Box Testing and Black Box Testing. These techniques are used depending upon the requirement at different levels as the software is being developed.

Why End to End Testing?

Today’s modern application involves communication with various sub-systems. This increases the complexity of an application. The sub-system can be present with the same organization or with different organizations as well. Moreover, any failure or fault in sub-system can affect the whole system.

End to End Testing can help avoid and control major risks, including:


How to Perform End to End Testing?

Some of the major activities that are involved in End to End Testing are mentioned below.


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