Essentials of Mobile App Testing

Essentials of Mobile App TestingMobile app testing is used to ensure the quality of the applications developed for various mobile devices. Mobile app testing requires you to check the functionality, Usability, Integration based scenarios, etc. However, testers often miss on critical areas before signing off the mobile app testing. Some of them are discussed below.

Installation/Uninstallation Testing 

The testing covers the Installations, Updating, and Uninstallation of the mobile application. You must consider the following points. 

Network Connectivity/Switch Networks:

Applications should prompt in case of no network connectivity and should be able to connect again once the network is available.

Applications should be responsive when switching from one network to another network, like mobile data to Wi-Fi.

Low Memory

Applications should prompt correctly in case of low device memory and should handle the situation gracefully.

Interruption Based Testing

 Interruption based testing covers Incoming/Outgoing SMS, Incoming/Outgoing Calls, Incoming notifications, Low battery, Network Outage, and Recovery cases.

Mobile application should be able to handle the above interruptions without causing any issue.

Device Data Privacy

If the users are not allowed to access device Contacts, Images, Camera, Microphone, Current locations or other resources, then the application should not be able to access those resources and handle the cases correctly.

Orientation Behavior

Applications should work properly with proper UI in any orientation, i.e. Horizontal and Vertical orientation.

 Timed Events

Applications should work as expected once the designated time has expired.

 Power Consumption

In this, the power consumption is tested between the start time and the end time of the app to measure the battery consumption.

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