How to Evaluate System the system’s compliance with System Integration Testing?

System Integration Testing helps in verifying the behaviour of complete system by testing the integrated hardware and software environment. It also verifies the communication between the software system modules. Moreover, it also deals with the verification of software requirements mentioned in the Software Design Document.

The Need for Software Integration Testing



  1. Errors are tracked using a systematic technique for building the program structure.
  2. Advance integration of modules with testing the program as a whole.
  3. Incremental integration is used to counter the errors that are likely encountered.
  4. Black-Box Testing (Bottom-up/Top-down) approach based on the target processor.
  5. Environment specific issues can be identified using confirmation test.


Hardware to Software Integration Testing

It involves testing of Computer Software Components (CSC) with the environment of the target computer on high-level functionality. It focuses on the behaviour of the integrated application developed on the target environment.


Software to Software Integration Testing

It is the testing of Computer Software Components within the target computer environment while simulating the complete system on high level functionality. It focuses on the CSC behaviour in the host environment.

Incremental testing is a kind of integration testing, where each module of the software is tested individually and then it is continued by appending other modules. Incremental testing can be further divided into Top down approach and Bottom down approach.

360logica focuses on value proposition during software testing and assures customers that their applications are tested thoroughly. We fully recognize importance of component testing and verify individual credentials as well as performance of a component in the integrated setup. Every time a problem is found and rectified, components as well as the entire system are retested for its confirmation. Similarly, when a change is incorporated in the system, we track the test cases influenced by it and verify their efficacy.

360logica software testing team has the proficiency and resources to provide comprehensive unit testing services. With focus on verification of every module in isolation for potential bugs, we strive to ensure that each unit satisfies individual as well as overall software requirements. We use a range of licensed and open source unit testing tools, including Nunit, JUnit, PHP Unit, and others. Our extensive experience over the years makes sure we do not err in this extreme programming maxim and authenticate routine functions of every unit effectively and perfectly. Our software product testing experts follow an approach that makes every bit of the application and test codes goal-oriented.


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