Flash Automation using Selenium RC

Functional automation for flash based application is not as direct as compared to traditional web application. Proper jars and APIs needs to be addressed for this and also code need to updated accordingly.

Steps to set up Selenium RC (JAVA) using Eclipse to automate flash application:

•Launch Eclipse exe, goto File>>Switch Workplace>>Otherthen user would see the following screen, enter your workspace location and click Ok

•Goto File>>New>>Java Project you would see following screen appears:

•Provide Name to your project, Select JDK in ‘Use a project Specific JRE’ option (JRE6 selected in this example) > click Next then Finish

•Keep ‘JAVA Settings’ intact in next window. Project specific libraries can be added here, this would create project Demo in Package Explorer/Navigator pane

•Right click on src folder and click on New > Folder, name this folder com and finish

•Create a folder called lib inside project FlashTest. Right click on FlashTest > New > Folder. This is a place holder for jar files to project (i.e. Selenium client driver, selenium server etc).

•This would create lib folder in project directory.

•Right click on lib folder > Build Path > Configure build Path

•Under Library tab click on Add External Jars to navigate to directory where jar files are saved. Select the jar files which are to be added and click on Open button.

•Click on Add External jars button and add “selenium-java-client-driver.jar”, “junit.jar”, “flashselenium-java-client-extension.jar” files from your system.

•Right click on com.thoughtworks.selenium.samples folder, click New>> Class

Hope the above details will be helpful in setting up Selenium test for flash application.

Please feel to post any queries or questions related to above.


Rohit Singh




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