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Games testing offerings:

Gaming industry is vast and producing millions dollar games every year, and testing plays crucial role for success of any game. 360logica provide dedicated QA lab for games testing with required infrastructure.

Our testing is done in a controlled environment on a closed network that allows us to monitor packet exchanges between the host and remote players. This ensures complete security & flexibility to your testing needs besides delivering speed. Reasonable cost effective solution is our USP.

We have extensive testing experience with some of the top publishers and game developers and have an extensive experience in providing outsourcing games testing services for PC, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation (PS2 & PS3), Nintendo DSi, IPhone, Online games and casual games. Our experience at QA/testing high quality video game art content at reasonable testing costs combined with our tight security and privacy measures.

Excellent dedicated people who solve the puzzles and creating excellent end to end scenarios for games. And working in one secured LAN, no external drive, phone, camera, or any thing allowed in LAB.

Our games testing solution offerings:

  • Games for PC
  • XBOX 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Playstation (PS2 & PS3)
  • Mobile games testing
  • Flash based games testing

Value Propositions:

  • Reduce your cost more than 70%
  • No pressure on your employees
  • Third eye look on your software

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