How AI is Revolutionising Test Automation

You must have heard about the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) that has certainly become an indispensable part of our daily lives. In today’s technological era, thinking of a life devoid of AI is like a body without any blood. Think of technology like the smartphones, Google Maps, Google Search, Alexa, chatbots, robots, driverless vehicles and lots more are all run by AI.

What Exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence is essentially developing the ‘Intelligent’ machines or computers that carry out the certain tasks, which require human intelligence such as recognizing the speech, taking decisions, translating the languages, learning, planning, etc. Taking into the consideration our learning or queries, it also provides answers to our questions. All in all, AI helps in the reduction of the manual hours and leads to an improved test quality.

As the usage of AI impacting our everyday lives, its importance in the software development cannot be underestimated. Automated testing is one of the best examples where AI is completely revolutionizing the software industry. Gone are the days, when an individual had to spend countless hours testing a particular software. In fact, some of the companies are still using the conventional method of manual testing, which is resulting in wastage of time and hard-earned money. In this age of digital revolution, it is extremely imperative for the companies to keep pace with the modern or advanced trends and gain a significant competitive advantage. Artificial intelligence is redefining the test automation in many ways:

Delivering Quality Work at Speed

It can be said without any doubt that AI has considerably reduced the human requirements to a certain degree in case of the test automation. It browses thousands of codes and searches for bugs in no time. It means that the individuals can rectify the errors quickly, deliver quality work, which ultimately results into the timely software release.

Saves Time of the Developers and Testers

Shared automated testing when it is carried out by the developers helps in analyzing the bugs quickly before they are sent to the testers. One of main advantages of automated testing is that whenever there is a change in the source code of a software, the tests are conducted automatically, thereby saving lots of time. The developers are notified immediately if there are any bugs. This significant feature of AI not only helps both the developers and testers in taking fast decisions, but also boosts their confidence.

Carrying Out an In-depth Test Coverage

Incorporating AI in test automation, goes a long way in improving the overall test coverage and enhancing software quality. Automatic testing browses through the database, source codes, memory and other prominent file content to ensure whether the software is running fine or not. Hence, through automated testing, an individual can carry out lots of in-depth test coverage, which is otherwise impossible with the manual testing.

The Closing Words…

AI is certainly creating a lot of buzz, especially in the field of automated testing. It has without any doubt become deep rooted into the technologies, we are using on the daily basis. With every passing day, the role of the artificial intelligence into the software industry is gaining a strong importance. The companies after investing in the AI test automation set up can look forward to delivering the quality results without wasting money. Moreover, the money saved can be further used towards enhancing the quality assurance efforts of the developers that will help them to create the software quickly and carry comprehensive analysis in a better manner.


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