How Automated Testing Helps in Expediting Application Delivery?

How Automated Testing Helps in Expediting Application Delivery?With the increasing competition in the software development industry, there is a creaky race among the businesses to boost the speed of their delivery. However, it is equally important to maintain the quality of the product. In order to accelerate the speed of application delivery, companies are adapting different practices, including agile testing practice. Following the agile methodology consistently and continuously helps in frequent releases and reduces the time for the application to reach market.

Migrating from Manual to Automated Testing    

The ever-growing competition in the market often puts huge pressure on the companies to continually innovate, build, and deliver, which is quite difficult to achieve with the conventional manual methods. Moreover, there is always some risk involved in doing so. For example, regression testing requires a lot of effort and time from the testers. So, in order to reduce the cost and time involved, many companies are considering automating regression testing. In addition, a close collaboration with the testing and development teams can also help in speeding up the things.

When implemented properly at the right time, test automation can guarantee the software functionality at each level.

Implementation and Execution

By automating persisting tasks, you can easily clear up all the pending testing projects. With an ample amount of different automated testing tools available in the market, one can perform testing according to the requirement. For example, one can perform security, performance, or functional testing according to their need. However, different tools might give a slight variation in the result. This variation can be overcome by integrating automation under a particular solution that is closer to the relevant results.

You can finally compare and analyze the data before coming to any conclusion.


In order to maintain the robustness of your delivery flow, it is equally important to test metrics. By analyzing the test automation framework, you can track down the destructive factors like inconsistencies, glitches, loopholes, and more. This can help in identifying the changes that need to be done in the automation process.

Gone are the days, when manual testing used to be the only way to go ahead with software testing. However, with the today’s dynamic arena, automated testing is equally important. It caters the need to develop, deliver, and update apps on a regular basis.

In order to make a better sense of the quality of product, it’s crucial to summarize and evaluate the results of your testing programs. Moreover, before blindly following the automated setup, you must ensure that right metrics are placed at the right places. This would provide a better insight of your testing suite.

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