How Better Workflow Expedites Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile application testing is considered to be a slow and separated process. Quality assurance holds key in success of any mobile application from the start. However, you must ensure optimal performance of your mobile application after each and every update. Unfortunately, there are many teams who use the workflows that they use for desktop application.

Web Application Workflow Design

Most of the QA teams test the application manually using the devices that are available. This sounds acceptable for testing touch features, as they can be best tested on real devices as compared to emulators. However, there can be a certain delay in deciding and switching to different devices for testing mobile application.image001

Mobile Testing Options

In order to overcome various hurdles while testing mobile based application, there are tools that can integrate well into your existing workflow. In fact, many companies are considering this option to get away with physical devices, as many testing tools have the option to emulate the devices for testing.

Many companies give mobile testers the access to physical devices for testing, without having the need to leave the workflow. The teams can also use their CI tools to initiate tests and import results to bug tracking tools.image004


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