How Can Crowdtesting Help eCommerce Organisations?

A good interface is one of the key factors for the success of eCommerce sites. You must ensure that the site is functioning correctly all the time. However, this is not easy as eCommerce sites contain numerous pages and visual elements. Testing such a site often proves to be a hectic and time-consuming process.

In order to overcome such complexities, you can adopt a scalable testing solution like Crowdtesting. Crowdtesting often proves to be the best way to fill gaps left by the traditional QA process.

Testing Dynamic UI

eCommerce websites are loaded heavily with dynamic images and video, which often makes maintaining automated scripts more challenging. With an ever-changing eCommerce interface, automated tests could frail.

Crowdtesting is a good alternative, where they rely on a large crowd of experienced testers for execution. With the testers ability to understand changes makes it more flexible and fit for eCommerce sites that change over time.

Cross-Device and Cross-Browser Coverage

There are a lot of devices in the market that can be used to search and buy a product. This cross-device behaviour makes thing more complex for testers. Irrespective of the device or browser being used, eCommerce website must have a high-quality experience.

Crowdtesting enables you to test eCommerce platforms across a large number of devices and browsers concurrently.

Emulating End Users

An eCommerce website with bugs can hugely impact the product sale. This makes smoke testing in production crucial. Some of the most critical parts of the visual interface must be optimized and made bug free. For example, a hassle-free checkout process can boost return customers.

Crowdtesting helps in analyzing how end users experience your product, which can help discover UX-related issues. Moreover, there are issues that might not be technical bugs, but still impacts the end user’s experience. Such issues if tracked can help in improving the UI. Crowdtesting puts a fresh eye on UI, sidelining developer issues that make your team overlook the issues.


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