How Cloud Testing Tools Prepare to Cut Down Time and Cost to Develop an Application?

How Cloud Testing Tools Prepare to Cut Down Time and Cost to Develop an Application


With the ability to set up realistic production platforms without involving costs of already structured framework, mobile testing can be supported in the cloud. This has resulted in a frequent confluence between cloud and mobile testing.

The emergence of cloud computing has a close association with the application testing that has emerged alongside it. With the highly scalable and on-demand character of cloud, testing has benefited to take many different ways.  The tools to perform testing ranges from the on-premises applications testing tool to one’s used on cloud platforms to test cloud based applications.

The shift towards cloud computing has changed the vendors and customers market, as they try to re-define their role in this emerging concept.

According to Thomas Murphy, the senior director at Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory firm based in Stamford, USA, this market will continue to evolve as the computing platforms continue to evolve. A similar prediction is made by IDC, a leading market research firm based in Framingham, USA. According to the firm, cloud testing market along with the automated software quality (ASQ) and software as a service (SaaS) is set to touch $1 billion mark by 2017. With the cloud testing market already in the presence, various established vendors like HP are trying to step a foot in cloud testing. Moreover, in an attempt to have a greater contribution in application life cycle management, various test features have been added by the major cloud infrastructure providers. However, Microsoft still backs its own testing platform in Azure.

In order to catch up with this concept, companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), have released a number of developer-pivoted testing tools and Code Pipeline. Meanwhile, small vendors like SOASTA and BlazeMeter have extended their contribution to constant delivery and data analytics features to keep up the pace. Management vendors like Compuware and Keynote Systems LLC are also doing their bit to edge into testing.

With more and more companies entering into the market year after year, there is a challenge in the market for the companies to edge into testing.

According to the program director for IDC’s Application Life Cycle Management research, Melinda Ballou, “The cloud is a killer application for testing as compared with other app life cycle management areas, in part because of the cost savings and speed/agility of infrastructure provisioning in the cloud,” and she expects to see cloud and mobile testing coming together.


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