How Does DevOps Benefits to the Information System Development?

A DevOps culture can be collectively considered as open communications, sharing responsibility, and mutual trust, which helps in getting optimal cooperation between the teams thus improving the productivity, software quality, and service quality. So, a well-established DevOps environment supports both the development and operation team to mutually benefit from each other.

DevOps have a signification contribution in the area of QA in Information Systems. With DevOps, there has been a significant improvement in the QA process by bringing the best practices closer through cooperation and tooling. Moreover, it reduces the gap between customers, developers, and operations, which helps in early problem detection. This can help in easing continuous development implementation and make a frequent release to the end user.

Benefits of DevOps

In Collaboration

In Automation

In Sharing

Service Usage


In Solving Problems

To stay successful in today’s competitive market, both quality and speed matters. Today’s business model largely depends upon the integration between the development teams and operations team, commonly known as DevOps to assure both quality and speed. Moreover, the need for continuous collaboration and delivery has led to the adaptation of DevOps and Digital QA culture, including tools and technologies.

We at 360logica provide comprehensive DevOps testing and ensure accelerated time-to-market. With core expertise in CI testing and experience in configuring and executing popular CI tools like Agile GO, Cruise Control, Puppet, Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson, and more we focus on improved delivery quality and enhanced operational efficiency.

DevOps QA is driven by various factors, with continuous testing being the key. 360logica has the right expertise with in-depth knowledge of continuous testing resulting in the high-quality product with right pace. So, we totally understand the requirement of organizations for DevOps and enable automated test arrangement through an integrated model comprising continuous integration, testing, and delivery. 360logica understanding and experience of the shift-left approach of DevOps has helped the organizations to develop a smooth and continuous development and production environment.


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