How Extensive Use of Mobile Platform can help Countries in Combating Crimes?

UntitledWith the advancement of technology people are becoming more and more tech savvy across the globe. The extensive use of mobile phones has eased several aspects of life. Today, mobile phones are not restricted to just make and receive calls. With the passage of time and ever growing technology, use of mobile phones is increasing day by day, especially in many developing countries. Nigeria is one of the countries, which is making the most of the mobile technology. The Government of Nigeria is taking effective measures to solve various social, economic, and environmental challenges using the mobile technology. This has allowed the government to solve various health, educational, and agricultural issues of the country with the help of the common people. In addition, with the use of the mobile technology, an individual user and police can together overcome various administrative challenges of the country.

The capability of a mobile phone is not only restricted to communication purpose. With the ability to make research and provide various development methodologies, mobile phones can do much more than expected.  Its application can be seen in the fields of research and analysis to combat various crime and disasters. This can further help us in making our life better and the world a better place to live in. In addition, this will save a lot of time and money as it will avoid the need to travel long distances to report a crime. With the proper use of the mobile platform, the entire system would be efficient and quick. There will be no need to use pen and paper to report a crime or disaster. There is much more research going on in this field for the betterment of the entire system so that all the country and their people can make the best use of it.

Building an effective crime information and submission system on a mobile platform can help detect, prevent, and report all the criminal activities happening in the country.  This would allow the user to observe the crime that is happening and report the data to the police. In addition, the system would have much more capabilities to work with. The overall system will help the police significantly to further expedite and combat the operation much efficiently and quickly.

However, the exact implementation of the system totally depends upon the crime and disaster handling mechanism of a country. Moreover, in order to have a powerful system to combat such challenges, there should be proper network connectivity and the mobile platform should be able to support such application. Country like Nigeria faces similar challenges. Not all people can afford to have a mobile phone that can support such kinds of applications.  In addition, lack of a proper network and frequent power surge can cause the system to fail when required. People who can afford such a phone need to have a proper technical knowledge to use the crime and disaster detection system on the mobile platform. In addition, the data that are collected related to crime and other offence needs to be reliable, so that one can easily and efficiently analyze the data to come to a constructive conclusion. There are different kinds of crime like armed robbery, rape/indecent, assault, murder, theft, burglary, vandalism, etc. that are reported on a daily basis. There are various foundations that already work to analyze such crimes. For example, the CLEEN Foundation has been analyzing the crime in Nigeria. According to a survey conducted by the organization in the year 2012, 75% of the people in the country were fearful of becoming crime victims. This was a steep increase as compared to the 72% fear factor reported in the year 2011. The percentage was much less (86%) in the year 2010. From the survey, it can be said that the fear of becoming a victim of the crime has increased among the people over the last couple of years.

The relationship between the people and the police also needs to be improved as they are the ones who will report the crime to the police. So far, it is seen that the crime reports and their analysis have not been as expected. This area needs a lot of improvement for the system to work efficiently. The Computer Based Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is also being used in many developing countries. However, there is also a need to handle such mechanism properly. It can be done with the help of skilled workforce. As compared to any other technology or device, mobile phones can be widely used and most easily understood to control the crime.


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