How Network is Responsible for Mobile Application Crash?

Mobile-application-crashesWith the advancing technology, you can find various mobile applications in the market. However, with the modern apps there are lots of complexities, which make the app to crash more often. Most of the times, it is the phone specifications, which is responsible for the crash and it leads to unavailability of the application when it is most required.

A recent report says that, apart from other factors responsible for the crash, Network related issues also play a huge role in mobile app crash. According to a San Francisco based mobile app development company, Apteligent, a very high number of crashes are linked with the cloud service interaction from Android and iOS apps, which is quite surprising. The report said that, around 20% of the total crashes are related to network related issues.

The report by the name ‘Network Crash Edition’ highlights the reason for so many crashes. It also showed the comparison between failures on iOS and Android devices. Some of the key findings of the reports are mentioned below.

According to a leading global information and measurement company, data and mobile media time remains the prime preference for mobile apps, which accounts for the 89% of total time spent. This number is continuously increasing with time, and no one would want the app to crash and spoil the user experience. Today, most of the media consumption activities are driven by apps.

It is supported by an American global media measurement and analytics company, which says that apps account for 7 out of 8 minutes of media consumption on mobile devices.  App activities on smart phones are higher (88%) as compared to tabs (82%).

The performance of an app can be checked with actionable mobile app insight. Performance related issues can impact user experience, including user flows, crashes, freezes, and more. These insights are very important in improving the digital arm of any business.  A perfect app is one, which doesn’t spoil user experience, especially in a real-time of action.


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